The D’ Tanglr

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The D’ Tanglr is a flexible detangling brush designed to make detangling the hair quick, easy, and with minimal hair loss.  This brush is made for all hair types/textures!

Cuts your detangling time in half.  

Stop pulling all of your hair out trying to detangle, and try the D’ Tanglr

The eight row vent and curve handle helps to separate the strands, gently releasing knots. 

Best when used during conditioning. 

• Flexible brush head to detangle without pulling
• Separated bristles to help release knots

• Ventilated design helps dry hair faster and prevent   over heating 

• Detachable bracket for fixed or flexible bristles.  Also for adjusting the distance between the bristles. 

Customer Reviews

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Nelzina Taylor
Love this brush!

Very easy on the curls and makes detangling so much easier!

Carol Edness
Best brush purchase ever

It’s so easy to clear out my hair after washing, I love this brush so much I use it almost every day.... especially when my hair is out it does wonders for my curls after I alloy my product.
Thanks so much Charmaine!!!!

You have to purchase this brush you won’t be disappointed

The D tanglr brush is very gentle on my hair and detangled with no pain and pulling. Love it!!!!! and it’s affordable.