PlumGlow Beauty Elixer


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Elevate your glow!” Where beauty meets brilliance


PlumGlow Beauty Elixer – a radiant revelation for skin and hair perfection. Unveil a luminous glow with this exquisite blend of sustainably sourced plum essence. Plum oil's combination of vitamin E and vitamin C plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal moisture levels for skin and hair. Additionally, these vitamins contribute to enhancing smoothness, suppleness, and imparting a healthy shine. Our elixir renews and revitalizes both skin and hair, leaving them with a captivating brilliance. Experience the epitome of clean beauty – no parabens, no sulfates, just pure luminosity. Elevate your beauty routine, where ageless radiance meets modern sophistication. 

What’s Good:

quick absorbing 

• weightless

• non comedogenic so won’t clog pores 

• for hair, adds shine and tames frizz 

• natural UV sunscreen booster 

Plum Kernel ( Seed) Oil has a very high concentration of tocopherol ( vitamin E), which is a strong, natural antioxidant.  The oil is 8x more potent then Argan Oil and completely no-waste.

How to use:

Apply a few drops to cleansed skin in the morning and night. Enhance the benefits of your favorite face cream, foundation, or even hair treatments by mixing a couple drops with it. For your hair, use daily after shampooing or conditioning. Protect against blow-dry heat damage by applying oil to the ends of damp hair.

Do not use if you have an allergy to nuts  

Ingredients:  Organic Prunus Domestica Seed Oil

Size 1oz (30ml)

Customer Reviews

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Judy L Spence
Plump and smooth

I have noticed a smoother feel and plumper look to my face. My frown lines don’t look so defined they seem to be filling out. I will definitely keep using. I’m quite satisfied.

Catherine Smith

I LOVE the way the beauty elixir makes my skin feel so soft and supple. This morning I got a compliment that my face was glowing like the sun and that I was looking young! That made my day. Absolutely fabulous product!